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Brave – the best you can do for yourself... and us!

Written by: Rezus
Date: 22-04-2020

This time we have a blog post about a certain browser.Maybe this topic doesn’t have anything to do with Clash of Clans, but it sure has something to do with us and we LOVE Clash of Clans. Brave is a browser built on Chromium, specifically designed to ease your browsing experience. Faster, safer and gives back to the community. All you are looking for in a browser. Naturally, the first thing you want in a browser is speed and stability. In specific tests, Brave has proven itself as the fastest option when you compare it with Google’s Chome and Mozzila’s Firefox. If you want to see it for yourself you can watch a comparison video here: Something you don’t want to see during your browsing is ads and trackers polluting the screen. Brave is blocking them for you by default (you can change its Shield settings manually). All-time blocked ads and trackers can be found on Brave’s default page. You can also see how much time Brave saved you which is a neat little detail. The Brave default page changes constantly with beautiful pictures of nature. Another reason Brave is blocking all of webpages ads and trackers is your safety. Because safety and privacy always need to go hand in hand, Brave has made sure you have both. That's why you can browse normally, anonymously and on Tor, all in one browser. Brave will also never collect your data, instead, all of your data will be securely stored in your PC. That way, you can be sure, no hacker or virus can enter and collect your data. So, why is Brave so special? Yes, it’s fast. Yes, it’s secure. But, what makes Brave special is its reward system. Brave is using BAT cryptocurrency to support creators and web pages. When you are using Brave, non-personal ads will appear. Each ad you watch earns you a certain amount of BAT. You can always change reward settings. These coins you can withdraw or you can support your favorite sites and creators with them. Of course, we would be honored if you choose to support us. Clicking on the link: you will be redirected to the Brave’s website where you can download Brave browser. If you use Brave for the next 30 days, we will get a reward (affiliate system). If you choose to support us even more, you can tip us or put us in your Auto-Contribute list (Reward system located right of the address bar). That way, each month a few BAT coins will be taken of your wallet and put in ours. Supporting a creator on Twitter, YouTube or Twitch is even easier. You just click on the “Tip” button with Brave logo and you are set. So, it seems that Brave has everything. Speed, privacy, Tor, simplicity and even reward system for you or your favorite websites. I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t want to download and install it. It has it all. Clash Mighty team is using Brave browser because of its qualities and also because of its name. In the end, what is Brave and Mighty? You.

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