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This is why you need to buy a gold pass

Written by: Rezus
Date: 15-08-2019

 As many of you know, Supercell Games added season challenges to Clash of Clans which are similar to the Fortnite’s Battle Passes. For every challenge from the season challenges you complete, you get challenge points that unlock rewards which can be instantly claimed. Every season challenges event lasts a month and every day, you can complete a new set of daily challenges that are always the same or you can choose among 6 seasonal challenges. New seasonal challenges are added every 7 days and they give you more challenge points upon completion. In general, these challenges involve performing actions you would normally perform while playing anyway, so you shouldn’t have any problems completing them. Like the battle pass, season challenges are split up into a silver (free) tier and the gold tier which costs $4,99 per month.

 Since the Silver tier is free, you can only get 15 rewards which include magic items (usually potions), gold, elixir and dark elixir as well as the book of heroes. If you decide to buy the Gold Pass, you can get 30 more rewards on top of your silver rewards, making a total of 45 rewards which include all the mentioned rewards plus perks like the builder boost, research boost, training boost, one gem donation and finally a bigger season bank. Furthermore, you will get a unique hero skin for this month. Another thing that Supercell added to the game is a Season Bank. Season Bank is a place where players can earn gold, elixir and dark elixir equal to the total loot that they made from the multiplayer mode per attack. Resources earned that way will be added to storages once the season ends. While Silver-tier players can earn up to 5 million gold and elixir and 50 000 dark elixirs, gold pass players can earn up to 25 million gold and elixir, and 250k dark elixir.

So, why do you need to buy a gold pass?

 First of all, the amount of rewards you can get is enormous (more than double the value you would get so far from any of the previous gold passes). If you converted the value of rewards you get with the gold pass into gems, the total would exceed the value of 20k gems. Measured in USD, the total would be $150+ for the price of only $4.99. Not to mention that the values of the bigger season bank, one gem donations, and perks that will save your time so you could build and research faster for fewer resources are not even included in the calculation. One of the highlights of the game for me, leveling up heroes, is so much easier with the gold pass. Is that enough? For sure, but hold on! You will also get an already mentioned hero skin. Now, you might be thinking - Yeah, who needs skins? They are useless and don't have true value. - and you may be right, but let me explain. If you are like me you probably collect seasonal obstacles, right? So, why is this seasonal Party warden skin better than other season challenges skins? It's better because of its legacy value. It is released for the Supercell's 7th birthday and that's why this skin is so special. Wouldn't you be happy to have some kind of legacy in the game? I definitely would! One more thing to mention, with a gold pass and the one gem donations, we surely think that your clanmates would be very thankful for receiving donations faster.

 Ok, that's all great but half a month already passed? No worries fellow clashers! Even if you decide to join in the middle of the month, you are still profiting since you still need to wait for that third week when the next weekly season challenges are unlocked to be able to reach the limit of 2900 points. Also, once you buy the gold pass you just need to claim all rewards that you already unlocked doing your silver tier challenges. Rewards are waiting for you until the end of the season, which means you will still get the full value of the gold pass. As of now, you can’t subscribe to the season challenges which means you need to buy the season challenges pass every season. Also, season challenges pass is open to all the players who choose to take a part in these challenges.

 In conclusion, is the gold pass for you? Well, that depends. If you are a hardcore Clash of Clans player or you need to have all the cool skins, then yes, the gold pass is definitely for you. If you play Clash of Clans every once in a while and you don’t mind building your village a bit longer or you have a small amount of elixir and that's not bothering you, then maybe you could buy gems instead. However, the gold pass can be a nice boost for you too. I wouldn’t recommend buying the gold pass only to players who are not so passionate about the game. You can still have fun with the Silver pass tier and the saved $5 in your pocket. I hope this post helped you and I hope you will read my next blog! Of course, don’t forget to check our social media sites and if you still didn't use our amazing tools, give them a try! As always – stay mighty!

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